Anti Aging And Skin Whitening Cream For Black Skin Formula Private Label Cosmetics

Anti Aging And Skin Whitening Cream For Black Skin Formula Private Label Cosmeti

  • Quick Details

    Main Ingredient: ALOE VERA, DEAD SEA SALT, Emu oil, Glycerin, Green Tea, PEARL, Shea Butter

    Time Used: Day

    Supply Type: OEM/ODM

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    Model Number: PALLAS-A

    Ingredient: Mineral

    Certification: CE, CPSR, EEC, GMP, MSDS, SGS

    Age Group: Adults


    Feature: Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Anti-wrinkle, Dark Circles, Exfoliator, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer, Sunscreen , Whitening

    Function: Brightening

    Product name: Natural Face Whitening Cream

    Effect: Moisturizing Hydrating Whitening

    Skin type: Kinds

    Type: Facial Whitening

    Item name: Whitening Essence Cream

    Efficacy: Whitening Nourishing

    Color:Milk White

    Item: Skin Beauty Product

    Name: Beauty Whitening Cream

  • Product name

    Whitening cream



    1. Shrink pores

    2.Firming & Reparing

    3.Whitening & Highlight

    4.Moisturizing beauty

    5.Longlasting & Natural


    Special effects


     1.Rapid whitening

    2.Moisturizing and supple skin

    3.Replenishment and isolation reparation

    4.Concealing and nude look

    5.Easily make up


    Before & After


        Before:Dark skin color, uneven color, large pores and so on.

        After:Light and concealing, with natural light-sense, elastic and active.


    Skin type


      All type


    Whitening cream


        1.All beauty-Transparency:  A moisturizing ingredients, rapid infiltration of the skin         dermis, rich in a variety of plant extracts, natural nourish the underlying skin, from       inside to outside keeping the skin whitening.

       2.UV Defence-Shiny: Besides aging, UV is the biggest damage to skin, Bolicen                   laboratory has developed a breakthrough protection system, that is, through the           first layer of physical sunscreen to prevent UV light; the second layer is through           plant extracts and other components, to absorpt UV light. You can brighten the skin       color, light control particles, with the light intensity to shape a nude look showing           your natural beauty.

       3.Inside repairing-nourishing: Bolicen toning cream, using scientific formula and                 process, builds a moisturizing level from dermis, epidermis to stratum corneum,           deeply nourishing skin and making skin transparent and shiny.