Quick Details

Type:  One Way

Function:  fatigue alarm device

Voltage:  12V/24V

Frequency (MHz):  1-2 seconds eye closed

Control Distance:  45-60 cm

Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:  Karadar

Model Number:  F-01

Warranty:  12 Months

Product name:  Driver Fatigue Monitor

Day and night using:  Yes

Eye blink detect:  yes

Eyesight deviation detect:  yes

OSD language:  multilanguage

Voice warning:  yes

Material type:  ABS

Working principle:  Infrared detect

Car Alarm Driver Fatigue Detector

SKU: D203600360
  • Specification Parameter:

    Car charger input

    DC 12/24v

    Car Charger output

    5V, 1.5A

    Minimum Working Voltage

    Current 4.75V, 240mA

    Maximum Working voltage

    Current 5.25V, 500mA

    Product working voltage

    Current 5 V, 320mA



    Real time fatigue driving warning

    Alarming distraction warning and alarming

    Warning time

    1~2 seconds after closing eyes

    View angle

    60 degree

    Working temperature


    Storage temperature


    Detection distance




     Product Description:

    Fatigue driving warning device is with a unique designed product with pupil identification and detection technology to determine whether the driver is tired or inattentive state by analyzing the changing of characteristics of the pupil. Once the driver is detected fatigue or distracted driving, F16 will immediately send an alarm signal to remind the driver.


    F16 uses an image sensor to capture infrared images of a human face, analyzes and verifies whether a driver is tired or unmotivated by a high-speed digital signal processor. With the advance of non-contact mode and cutting-edge algorithm, F16 can accurately detect the driver's fatigue state, no matter under what circumstances (day, night, wearing glasses, recommended not to wear sunglasses), and issued a reminder and alarm to driver in real-time to ensure the life and property safety of the driver. 

     Product Structure Diagram:

    a.Status Indicator 

    b.Power Indicator

    c.Bracket Interface

    d.Camera Lens

    e.Calibration Key

    f.Power Key

    g.USB Interface

  • Product Usage 

    1.  Product installation

    1.1 Tear the film from the bracket base and attach the bracket base to the corresponding position on the windshield (as shown in the following figure). Then press the piston of suction mount until it is fastened.



    1.2, The distance between the lens and the driver’s eyes should be 45 to 65 cm.  

    1.3,Turn the bracket and adjust the F16 lens’ angle, make sure that the camera lens is at the same level as the driver’s eye.
    1.4 Start the car. Connect the car charger to the F16 Mini USB port. 

    2. Production Usage Instruction
    2.1 After connected F16 to the car charger, F16 will automatically start up following with welcome words. (After starting, the device will automatically start to work. It is recommended to do facial reading for initial using.) 
    2.2 Keep the driving posture, face the front and watch the road ahead (keep the lens and eyes in the same height), press the calibration key to read the face. Follow the voice instruction to finish facial reading. If facial reading is unsuccessful, please wait for the voice reminding and wait for facial reading again. (Note: If the facial reading is not successful many times, pls. pull out the car charger, then try again after the device is powered up 7 seconds)
    2.3 When facial reading is successful, the status indicator is green. F16 begins to work.
    2.4 In the driving process, F16 will calculate, judge and determine whether the driver is in fatigue status through facial recognition, eye blinking and blink frequency and give real-time detection, voice warning and alarming to the driver for safety driving. 
    2.5 In the driving process, if the driver is distracted or with dangerous behavior (for example looking around, watching the mobile phone), F16 will give real-time detection, voice warning and alarming. 
    2.6 Sleep mode and wake up. When the driver is awake or in city road with driving speed less than 20Km per hour, if the user think that the device is too frequent and noisy, short press the power key once, the device will go into sleep mode (the left indicator turns from green to off), short press again to wake up (the left indicator turns to green, and accompanied with welcome words).