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Place of Origin:  Hebei, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:  HAIGU

Model Number:  911+E7silvery

Product name:  antivirus gas mask

Mask material:  silicon rubber or TPE

Certificate:  CE/ISO

Application:  fire protection

Style:  chemical antivirus gas mask

Brand name:  HAIGU

Model number:  512g

Color:  sapphire blue

Weight:  512g(filter free)

Model name:  HG-911

Full gas mask+HG-ABS/P-E-2 silvery filter activated carbon filter acid gas mask

SKU: A203460346
  • Model number           HG-911
    Style           Full face mask

              Single canister


              Face screen:PC Polycarbonate

              Face mask: medical grade liquid silicone

              Nose mask: food grade liquid  silicone

              Frame: ABS plastic

              Headband/head net: flame retardant fireproof fiber

    Weight(filter free)           512g
    Inspiratory resistance           38Pa
    Breathe out resistance           59Pa
    Total vision field           88%
    Binocular vision           64%
    Below the horizon           36°
    Lens transmittance           ≥90%
    Leak rate of closed mask           ≤0.02%
    Interface specification           Threaded interface RD40 and double clasp
     Service life             5 years
    Continue burning time           0s
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