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Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Model Number:  C1302

color:  yellow, black, blue

Material:  silicone and PVC

exhalation resistance:  ≤98Pa(30L/min)

total field of vision:  ≥75%

binocular field of vision:  ≥60%

below field of vision:  ≥40%

mask lens light transmittance:  ≥85%

Weight:  490g(without poison filter)

Application:  chemical workplace, scientific research

Gas mask Single canister full face

SKU: D203420342
  • Description:

    1. Durable and washable model ,it is easy to clean.

    2. soft silicone made user feel comfortable even wear for a long time.

    3. High-class material with pure silicone&anti-fog pvc.

    4. single filter with minimum level breathing resistance.

    5. the belts are able to adjust freely as your requirement.


    Full face gas mask characteristic:


    1. This product is designed of dual reflexed gasket and wide visual window.The canister is filled with quality active carbon and high efficiency filter paper which is full of better protective funcitons against various toxic smoke, toxic fog, toxic gas, germs, radioactive dust and particle gasoloid with advantages of small resistance and light weight.
    2. Protective scope of canister (green): hydrocyanic acid, cyanogen chloride, arsine, carbonyl chloride, diphosgene, larvacide, benzene celfume, carrene, mustard gas, phosphine,  etc.
    3. Suitable Conditions: oxygen content is not less than 18%, density of toxic gas less than 2%


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